Atlas Copco Training

Kris & Ben were offered the opportunity to attend intensive Atlas Copco training in Essen in Germany. Over the 3 days they were there they received hands on learning and training on the Atlas Copco products we sell and service, as well as other products related to our business. The training included information about how the product is made, where it’s made and who its worldwide competitors are. Kris and Ben gained an understanding of the product and it’s industry uses – mining, demolition, recycling etc. They were also fortunate enough to take a tour of the factory to learn how moils and hammers are manufactured.

Intensive education and information was provided into how to avoid long term down time, and how best to support customers when onsite breakdowns occur. Kris and Ben were provided with first hand industry knowledge they can confidently pass on to our clients.  These intensive training sessions were also a great opportunity for networking and creating connections to gain future product knowledge.