Chisel paste 

How much chisel paste should be used in a shift?
The answer to how much chisel paste is used in a shift is highly dependent
on application and frequency of use. For example, in a high production, bulk
excavation application, it is not uncommon for 2 or 3 grease cartridges per
shift to be consumed.

On average we find that customer running the ContiLube II Automatic
Greasing system will check the cartridge level at the beginning of each shift.
They replace the cartridge as it gets near empty. This helps ensure that no air
locks are created by running the cartridges empty.

What are some of the features and benefits of using Epiroc chisel paste?


  • Excellent EP (Extreme Pressure) properties and good release effect.
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +1100°C / -4°F to +2012°F.
  • Age-resistant composition.
  • Epiroc Chisel Paste is available on Contilube II and Contilube II Micro cartridges.
    They can be refilled using grease containers of 15kg and 45kg (33lb and 99lb).


  • The solids content (specially the metal content) acts as a ball bearing, resulting
    in considerably less wear on the bushings and working tools.
  • You can work with your breaker long, continuous periods, even in warmer climates,
    with the chisel paste keeping its protective properties.
  • No need to replace grease cartridges after long idle periods of the breaker. Chisel paste keeps
    their protective properties, even when breaker is used occasionally.
  • Fast and clean change of cartridges on the Contilube II lubrication system,
    when you run out of chisel paste.


Click here to download the BA chisel paste flyer.