Epiroc BAEG BA Equipment Group Australia Hyrdaulic Attachment Tools Divison

Epiroc Bio Chisel Paste is shortlisted
for the World Demolition Awards 2019

We are proud to be shortlisted for the World Demolition Awards 2019 with our Bio Chisel Paste.

The Award jury honors our efforts in the field of biodegradable fluids. Our Bio Chisel Paste is EU certified with Eco label.

The winners will be announced at the 2019 World Demolition Summit in Boston, USA, in October this year. Wish us luck!

Id. - No.Mounting GroupBreaker Type
3363124354MG 8MB750/1000, EC90/100
3363123143MG 9-8MB 1200 - 1650, EC 120-140
3363123992MG 10 - 9HB 2000/2500, EC 150/155
3363122853MG 11 - MG 10HB 3100-4700, EC 165/180
3363124351MG 13 - MG 11HB 5800
3363124187MG 14HB 7000
3363124348MG 15 - MG 14HB 10000
World Demolition Awards 2019 Shortlisted BAEG Australi