Epiroc Bio Chisel Paste

Epiroc have now released a new grease, Epiroc Bio Chisel Paste, for use in environmentally sensitive applications such as underwater, metallurgical applications and sensitive mining, quarry or construction sites including tunnelling.

The grease is specially made for hydraulic breakers for lubricating the wear bushings to avoid both wear as well as working tool breakage. Inside the hydraulic breakers, the ambient working temperature reaches up to 1100°C under extreme load. The standard greases available in the market are suitable for use in bearings but they liquefy and disappear
at high temperatures. Without adequate greasing, the parts suffer accelerated wear, thereby increasing the cost of operation.

It is a new formula and is the only chisel paste on the market with EU Ecolabel certification.

To read more about the benefits of using this new bio chisel paste, click here.