For excavators with weight from 3 to 50 tons.

Longitudinal drum cutters are driven by a powerful radial piston motor creating extremely high cutting forces. The robust cutter drums together with their secure fixing method enable them to operate in the most demanding conditions. Consoles can be supplied with different lengths to suit a variety of applications.

Typical applications for Erkat longitudinal drum cutters include trenching, accurate excavation of irregular shaped foundations, slag removal in steel mills, cleaning pile heads and soil mixing. Erkat longitudinal drum cutters are designed to be mounted on excavators from 3 to 50 tons and are available in 9 different sizes.

By exchanging the cutter head, the Erkat longitudinal cutter can be easily converted into a powerful ADU auger drive unit for vertical and horizontal holes.

  • Robust, high torque drive
  • Different length consoles available
  • Secure, strong cutter drum fixture
  • Oversized, long-lasting cutter drum bearings
  • Robust long-lasting cutter drums
  • Larger diameter cutter drums available on request

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Longitudinal 1
Longitudinal drum cutters- diagram

     ER 100 LER 250 LER 400 LER 450 LER 600 L
Carrier weight class 1t3 - 78 - 1512 - 1712 - 1715 - 22
Service weight 2kg250410440450660
Product weightkg210340365375580
Nominal powerkW304565
Length of drum cutter (A)mm8101,1301,1301,1601,340
Length of standard cutter head (B)mm310355355380550
Diameter of standard cutter drums (C)mm370400400450535
Rotational speedrpm11090808080
Optimum oil flow 3l/min52 - 6260 - 85120 - 150120 - 150120 - 150
Maximum torque 4Nm3,1205,20010,40010,40010,400
Maximum cutting force 4N16,90026,00052,00046,20038,900
Pick shaft diametermm2020202222
Number of picksPcs3244443042
Maximum oil flow 5l/min90100170170170
Max. operating hydraulic pressurebar350350350350350

    ER 700 LER 1100 LER 1500 LER 2000 L
Carrier weight class 1t15 - 2525 - 3520 - 4035 - 50
Service weight 2kg7009001,4501,800
Product weightkg6006601,2001,500
Nominal powerkW70120120160
Length of drum cutter (A)mm1,2301,2701,4401,500
Length of standard cutter head (B)mm390430590600
Diameter of standard cutter drums (C)mm450500680720
Rotational speedrpm75757565
Optimum oil flow 3l/min160240 - 300200 - 300300 - 390
Maximum torque 4Nm11,70023,40023,40033,500
Maximum cutting forceN52,00093,60068,80093,000
Pick shaft diametermm22303030
Number of picksPcs30262428
Maximum oil flow 5l/min200320320410
Maximum operating pressurebar350350350350

1 Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
2 Attachment with standard picks & average-sized adapter plate.
3 Various motor variants available per model.
4 at 350 bar.
5 at 10 bar.