GTS Diamond Saws – Blades & Cutting

GTS Diamond Saws are the ultimate cutting machine. Using the correct blade will ensure increased productivity and overall life cycle costs down.


There are three types of blade available for the GTS Saw:

  • Blade for non-abrasive rock – medium hard to hard.
  • Blade for abrasive rock – medium hard to hard.
  • Blade for concrete.


Before cutting make sure that you using the correct type of blade:

  • If you cut abrasive rock with a blade for non-abrasive rock the wear will be above normal.
  • If you cut non-abrasive rock with a blade for abrasive rock the cutting speed.


Operating reference for when cutting:

  • Water must be used when using diamond cutting. This keeps the blade lubricated and clear of debris.
  • A standard hose connection may be used, or wet manually.
  • With diamond cutting, speed is the key to cutting, not torque.
  • Using excess pressure will not help production, and cause the saw to stall. Importantly, if the saw is used roughly there is a greater risk of breaking the diamond tips.
  • For efficient operation, set the boom in position, then use a combination of the dipper arm and bucket tilt to ease the saw into the cut, then after the first cut reset the boom again and repeat.
  • If there is too much play in the pins, particularly when offset extensions are used, or if the excavator moves during cutting, or if the cut is not parallel to the blade, the cutting torque will increase dramatically due to friction between the blade and the rock.
  • If the operator pushes hard on the rock, the blade speed may rapidly drop as much as half.
  • If you need to cut 1m deep it should be done in ten small incremental cuts, instead of trying to cut to full depth. The blade will not stall, thereby giving greater productivity, better quality cut, and less wear on your blade.
  • Safety is paramount and should always be the priority when using the GTS Saw. If you have any concerns, please contact your dealer immediately.

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