Erkat Drum Cutters

A German company focused on technology leading the way with modern production facilities and unbeatable service.

Features that make Erkat machines so reliable, long lasting and low maintenance include an over engineered drive train, secure attachment of cutter drums, rigid and wear resistant gear housing as well as pick boxes with hardened wear sleeves (ER 1500 – ER 5500).

Erkat cutter heads are designed to provide the optimum cutting power at the recommended rotation speeds. They guarantee a smooth cutting action while providing each pick with the maximum cutting power to penetrate the rock.

A range of cutter drum designs and widths combined with a choice of motors with different displacement and torque provides several options to adapt the drum cutter to excavator specifications as well as the needs of the job site and ground conditions.

Erkat special drum cutters use extremely large spur gears driven by high torque hydraulic motors. The gear wheels are so robust the drum cutters can be used in the most difficult conditions without risk of failure.

With low vibration and quiet operation, Erkat drum cutters can also work in sensitive areas.

A central fixing system allows Erkat transverse drum cutters to rotate through 360° without having to be disconnected from the excavator.

The productivity of a drum cutter depends to a large extent on the uniaxial compressive strength of the material to be cut. The deeper the pick can be forced into the rock, the more material it can break out from it which in turn, increases productivity. The oil flow and pressure that the excavator is able to provide to the drum cutter combined with excavator weight and stability are also critical factors influencing productivity.

This diagram illustrates how productivity varies with model size and the uniaxial compressive strength of the rock. In addition, we have production curves for each model size which can be requested from us at any time.